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Are you looking for Tyre Repair for your vehicle?


Tyres are the only parts of a vehicle that are constantly in use and in contact with the road surface. So, defects are very common. They can happen at any time.

Luckily it is not always necessary to spend money on a tyre replacement.

Quite often, a tyre can be repaired safely and for little money.

By opting for tyre repairs London from us - London’s Mobile Tyre Fitting you can save a lot of money.

We are popular for our cost-effective vehicle tyres and tyre-related services. Our experts are adept with all the tyre repair methods and offer the service for any vehicle segment. Also, they abide by the legal guidelines while repairing the tyres, thus ensuring the most accurate results.

Do we repair all tyre damages?

Certainly not!

It is impossible to repair all types of tyre damages. Hence, we conduct multiple checks as per government-approved guidelines to ensure whether it is safe to repair a respective tyre product or not.

Some parameters include:

  • The damaged tyre should have a minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm.
  • There are no exposed chords.
  • There are no damages on the main tread or sidewall of the tyre.
  • The tyre is free from bulges or cracks.
  • In case of a puncture, the size of it must not be more than 6mm.
  • Run-flat tyres are not considered to be safe for repairs as they change their structure once driven on without air pressure.

If your car's tyre passes the above-stated safety checks, we will proceed with a tyre repair London. Otherwise, we will let you know and recommend a tyre replacement for uncompromised safety.

Tyre repair methods we follow:

Depending upon the nature of the damage, we will use one of the 3 methods to repair your car’s tyre:


For plugging, we will not un-mount your car's tyre. We will just shove in a piece of rubber, coated with adhesive and attach it to the damaged portion. When your car’s tyre will roll and generate heat, the adhesive will vulcanise and turn into a permanent seal.


We will first un-mount your vehicle's tyre. Next, we will insert and attach a piece of leather coated with adhesive on the affected area. Like plugging, here too, the adhesive will vulcanise and turn into a seal when the tyre will roll and generate heat.

Plug & Patch

In this method, we will first un-mount your car's tyre and then insert a piece of rubber with a leather tail inside it and attach it to the damaged area. Next, we will use the short tail-like end to thread the affected area and seal the gap efficiently.

We generally use the plug & patch method if the tyre damage is more extensive.

If you have any queries or need help with a tyre repair London, please call us on 020 8064 0107.

We are available 24/7.

We are the ideal solution for all “tyre repairs near me” searches.

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