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Continental Tyres

Continental are the 4th largest tyre manufacturer worldwide, and are known for their superior quality tyres that offer exceptional handling performance and driving safety. The company boast that one in three cars in Europe are delivered with Continental tyres. We offer a wide range of Continental tyres, available for purchase and fitting today.

Choose your new Continental tyres London, Richmond, Hounslow, Spelthorne, Elmbridge, Runnymede with London’s Mobile Tyre Fitting online now and schedule a mobile fitting appointment at your preferred location.

Tyres for the Summer

Continental summer tyres deliver superior grip and control on both dry as well as wet roads. They are also resistant to aquaplaning. These tyres are made up of a harder compound to avoid wear and ensure excellent cornering support.

Models like EcoContact™ SportContact™ 6, ContiSportContact™ 5, 6 Q, EcoContact™ 6, PremiumContact™ 6, ContiForceContact™etc., are available in our inventory.

Tyres for the Winter

Marked with deeper sipes and treads, Continental winter tyres optimise traction on ice, snow, slush and sleet. The compound is made up of softer rubber so that the tyre does not get brittle in the cold.

WinterContact™ TS 860, WinterContact™ TS 850 P, WinterContact™ TS 860 S, VikingContact™ 7, ContiVikingContact™ 6 etc., are popular winter tyres available.

Tyres for All Seasons

All-season tyres from Continental are perfect for use in climates that are moderate and do not vary much throughout the year.

If you are looking for an all season tyre set, you could try the popular AllSeasonContact™.

We also stock other Continental tyres including Run-flat tyres, Performance tyres and 4x4 tyres.

Call us if you have any specific questions on these, or any of our stocked tyres and one of our dedicated professional will be more than happy to help.

Area Covered: Richmond, Hounslow, Spelthorne, Elmbridge, Runnymede

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