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Since November 2012, EU legislation made it compulsory for every tyre to come with an EU tyre label.

This label provides a clear and standard classification of tyres based on three parameters- rolling resistance, braking performance on wet surfaces and external noise.

We, at London’s Mobile Tyre Fitting, adhere to this policy rigorously and have kept an extensive inventory full of EU-labelled tyres from the best premium, mid-range and budget brands across the world. Thus, whenever you search for “tyres near me”, you can get tyres from us that offer you a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Understanding EU tyre labels

It’s important to understand the following parameters to make an informed choice about which tyres London are the best for your vehicle.

Fuel efficiency

A higher rolling resistance can increase the fuel consumption of a car by 20%. This is caused by resistance/friction between the tyre and the road surface.

Tyres are, thus, graded on fuel economy from A to G, with A being the most fuel-efficient tyres and G the worst. While the best fuel-efficient tyres are a bit more expensive, they are certainly worth purchasing as they reduce fuel consumption and benefit the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. Plus, you won’t be requiring frequent tyre replacements.

External noise

This only refers to the noise produced outside a vehicle and doesn’t include ‘cavity noise’, which is the noise produced from the interior and rims of a said vehicle. This rating is represented by three different sound wave bars used in tyre labels –

  • One wave indicates the best performance, with a noise level lesser than the future EU regulations by 3 dB or more.
  • Two waves mean that the tyres meet the regulations.
  • Three sound waves represent the highest noise levels, and such tyres do not meet the EU standards.

Wet grip

Tyres play an essential role in determining a vehicle’s stopping distance. Therefore, a wet grip rating is necessary to determine how well a particular tyre performs in wet conditions. Tyres are rated A to G in this case, with A being the best performing tyres on wet roads and F being the worst (D and G ratings are not in use).

A Class ‘A’ set of tyres offers increased safety as it results in a stopping distance of 28 metres for a car moving at 50mph, which is significantly better than an ‘F’ grade tyre’s stopping distance of 46.5 metres (at the same speed).

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