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Are you looking for Fleet Tyre Check for your vehicle?

Routine fleet tyre checks from a reliable specialist help ensure your company's fleet of vehicles is always safe on the road. They can also help to save good money by avoiding frequent tyre replacements.

Looking for professionals who offer comprehensive fleet tyre checks London?

End your search today with London’s Mobile Tyre Fitting.

We are the perfect solution for vehicle tyres and tyre-related services in and around your location. From us you get a detailed tyre check for your fleet of vehicles at an affordable rate.

Our experts are also adept in all tyre repair methods and can promptly repair any minor tyre damages with utmost precision. Further, in case we find any major tyre issues, we can also offer quick tyre replacements with top-quality tyres from our inventory.

A brief look into the fleet tyre safety checks we offer:

Tread depth check

In the UK, the legal minimum tread depth for vehicle tyres is 1.6mm. Therefore, if the tread depth of your fleet's tyres is below this limit, it is both unsafe and illegal. Hence, we offer a thorough tread depth check to ensure it is at least 1.6mm. If not, we will inform you and recommend a replacement. We will also check whether the tyre tread is worn evenly.

Tyre pressure check

Our fleet tyre check London also includes an inspection of the tyre pressure level.

We will use a superior quality pressure gauge to get an accurate reading of the inflation level of your fleet's tyres. In case the tyres are not adequately inflated, our experts will adjust the pressure to the required level.

Tyre damage check

We also ensure your fleet's tyres are free from damages like cracks, cuts, punctures, bulges, faulty valves etc. If any, we will check whether a tyre repair is possible and use the plugging, patching or plug & patch method. If not, we will replace the tyres with your permission for utmost safety.

We can also carry out wheel balancing checks.

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