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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


A routine tyre pressure check is integral to assessing the condition of your car’s tyres and ensuring a safe vehicle handling experience.

At London’s Mobile Tyre Fitting, we offer you free tyre pressure checks for all vehicle segments. We use a top-quality pressure gauge that will offer accurate tyre inflation level readings. Our experts will also provide a prompt inspection of the tyres and provide you with honest suggestions if they come across any issues.

Problems of using inadequately inflated tyres

Ideally, the standard tyre pressure for any passenger car model is between 30psi and 35 psi. If your car's tyres are not optimally inflated, it will lead to several driving hazards, like:

  • Low air-pressure level will reduce the tyre road contact area. This will affect your car handling stability.
  • It will jeopardise the cornering precision of your vehicle.
  • There will be uneven and premature tread wear, causing you to replace the tyres more frequently.
  • Also, it increases the risks of a tyre blowout.

Eliminate such risks with a routine free tyre pressure check London from us.

What do we offer?

We will first refer to the owner's manual or tyre placard, which is kept in:

  • Vehicle's manual
  • Driver's door jamb
  • Inside the glove box door
  • In the fuel cap hatch

This will help us understand the correct inflation level for your respective car segment, as recommended by the manufacturer.

In case we find the air pressure inside the tyres is below or above the required level, we will inflate or deflate them accordingly.

Further, if we find any tyre damage, leaking valves, uneven tread wear etc., we will inform you and offer a replacement or tyre repair as deemed necessary.

Sounds good?

Then, look no further for a free tyre pressure check near me and get in touch with us on 020 8064 0107. We are always ready to help!

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