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Toyo Tyres

Have you been looking for inexpensive tyres which promise the performance and quality of premium brands? Then opt for Toyo.

Toyo is a Japanese brand growing at a tremendous rate in the UK tyre market with its innovative technology and quality research. If you are looking for an authorised dealer for Toyo tyres London, London’s Mobile Tyre Fitting is where you should go. We have a wide range of Toyo tyres on offer and can meet all your requirements promptly.

Buy Toyo tyres online: Please use our online tyre quote generator to buy your preferred Toyo tyres. You just have to enter your car registration number or tyre size details to check out our inventory. You can also book our mobile tyre fitting services online.

Here is a list of the different types of Toyo car tyres London offered at our garage.

Summer tyres

While buying a summer tyre, the critical element to look at is aquaplaning resistance, and Toyo tyres deliver precisely that.

Innovative technologies are also reflected in the tread structure and complex rubber compounds, thus offering you superior driving control. These tyres also offer excellent cornering control.

Here are the popular models that you can buy from us:

  • Proxes R35
  • Proxes T1 Sport B
  • Proxes Sport SUV
  • Toyo R37

Winter tyres

Winter Toyo tyres London have more expansive groves to optimise snow-on-snow traction. The rubber compound of these tyres is also soft, so they do not become brittle at low temperatures. These tyres also offer commendable braking control.

Have a look at some of the popular winter tyres.

  • Winter Tranpath S1
  • Proxes T1 A0
  • SnowProx S954 SUV


Toyo all-season tyres London combine the best features of summer and winter tyres to optimise performance all-year-long.

  • Proxes ST
  • Proxes Sport A/S
  • Celsius

Toyo also offers performance tyres and 4x4 tyres, the recommended models of which are listed below:

Performance tyres


4x4 tyres


We also stock run-flat tyres in our inventory. Please call us on 020 8064 0107 to know more.

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